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Bjelolasica apartments winter holidays skiing

Bjelolasica accommodation 2017/2018 Croatia winter holidays

Bjelolasica - an ideal place for vacation, skiing, snowboarding and sports throughout the year in the beautiful natural surroundings of Gorski Kotar.

Bjelolasica is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure. In immediate surroundings, there are several protected nature parks - Samarske and Bijele Stijene (Rocks), Kamacnik Canyon, National Park Risnjak, Bjelolasica Mountain - roof of Gorski Kotar, Klek Mountain - cradle of Croatian alpinism, rivers of Dobra, Kupa and Mreznica, and Sabljaci Lake.

Bjelolasica apartments hotels skiing

Bjelolasica apartments hotels skiing
Bjelolasica apartments
Bjelolasica winter holidays

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